*If you wern't online after purchasing an item and don't recieve that item, you WON'T recieve it the item you have purchase!

If you chargeback, you will be banned from ALL* servers and buycraft. This means you won't be able to donate to any servers again!

To donate to FuzeCraft you need to be a auccount holder or have permission from someone from a account holder. You must be 18 to purchase an item off FuzeCraft or have a 18+ with you while you donate to FuzeCraft

Welcome to FuzeCraft's Webstore!
When buying items whether it being a rank, or In-Game items, Make sure:
- You have free inventory space
- You're online on the server
All payments are Non-Refundable, If you wish to proceed with a payment, you need to agree with the Payment Agrrement.

- All Fuze Craft Servers


- Need any help? Contact us here : FuzeCraft@gmail.com



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